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UKF-Mitarbeiter bei der SpindelreparaturUKF as a manufacturer of Spindle Bearings and Spindle Units is also busy in Retrofitting Spindles of various constructions.

After analysis of damages including about its causes follows approx. costs for repair.

If requested we propose technical improvements for better working performance, i.e like other types of bearings, other lubrication, other tool-fixing etc.

Each spindle re-assembled will be checked by measuring and running test.

What we supply:

Spindelreparatur 2

  • working-, work-piece-, special purpose spindles with integrated motor or belt driven
  • manual or automatic tool-clamping
  • lubrication by grease, oil, oil-air
  • bearings with balls of steel or ceramic
  • various tool-faces
  • various sealing systems
  • various sensor equipments

So we grant a competent Spindle Retrofitting. Modernising Spindles means enabling to extended applications.

UKF Spindle Design: Experience since decades


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