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  • High Frequency Spindle Units

    High Frequency Spindle Units for Milling, High Frequency Spindle Units for Turning, High Frequency Spindle Units for Grinding, Frequency Converter, Lubricators, Cooling Systems

  • Spindle Bearings

    Spindle Bearings, Hybrid-Spindle Bearings, High Speed Spindle Bearings, Hybrid-High Speed Spindle Bearings, Design Examples.

  • Bearing Cartridges

    Bearing Cartridges for Spindle Bearings, Bearing Cartridges for High Precision Spindle Bearings, Bearing Cartridges for Ball Screw Support Bearings

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Belt-Driven Spindle Units
for Milling

SK 30...50
HSK A 40...100
HSK C 32...C 80
Type Series RSK, RHK, RHC

Belt-Driven Spindle Units 
for Turning

Type Series DS, DC

Belt-Driven Spindle Units
for Grinding

internal grinding
(Internal-/external taper)
external grinding

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High Frequency Spindles for

SK 25...50
HSK C 32...80
8...40 kW
Type Series RHF, RHS

High Frequency Spindles for Turning
7,5...38 kW
Type Series DHF, DHF-PE


High Frequency Spindles for Grinding
HSK 25...63
cylindrical bore/ External taper
1,5...48 kW
Type Series GHC, GHF, GHD


FräsGetriebe Sonderspindeln  Spindel frontal klein

Motorized Spindles with
integrated 2-step gearbox

SK 30...50
HSK 50...100
17...80 kW
Type Series RT

Spindles according to customers specifications
Individual design

Steep Taper with Frontside Support CONAX
Divided Spindle Shaft CT
Electromechanical actuator
Energy recuperation

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