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Special Spindle Units

Apart from standard  type series UKF also designs and manufactures to customers requirements, also in small quantitys, often based on aalready realized solutions.

Belt-driven Spindles with integrated sensors – Condition Monitoring

Spindle with integrated sensors for recording measurements like temperature, speed, vibrations and humidity. More measuring data like tool-change-position, clamping-tool-position and axial displacement of shaft can be recorded in UKF Motor Spindles.


High Frequency Spindles with integrated sensors and data logger – Condition Monitoring

Spindle with Data Logger for cumulated recording of driven speed, thereby control of performance over a period of time: Condition Monitoring.

Spindel mit erweiterter Sensorik v3

Spindle with variable preload of the spindle bearings

Heavy preload raises stiffness, lower preload enables to work with higher speed of the bearing. The UKF-System VARIORING makes it possible by oil pressure to vary the preload of a bearing from light via middle to heavy in order to adapt the bearing to the given operation with highest possible speed or stiffness. This begins as light preload.VARIORING2


  • Range of possible operations on the machine enlarged
  • During idle run preload can be taken back, so inside the bearings friction is reduced
  • No additional mechanical parts inside the spindle
  • No Hydraulic Aggregate necessary
  • No axial displacement of the shaft
  • Components are customary available


Seat on shaft with integrated extension clamping technologyWelle mit Dehnspanntechnik

Spindles with integrated extension clamping technology on the seat of the shaft reduces the tool changing time (e.g. grinding wheel) and offers a high concentricity.



Spindle with integrated Balancing System

The balance values of a spindle with a badly balanced tool (E.g. due to inhomogeneities of the grinding wheel) could be improved with an integrated balancing system as well as the machining quality.

Spindel mit Wuchtsystem


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