The Universal-Kugellager-Fabrik GmbH was founded 1932 in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Advantages include: Design & Manufacturing by one source; latest standard production equipment; a comprehensive quality program (ISO certified); decades of experience; and an ongoing commitment to continually improve our products and processes.


UKF Representatives and Distributors in the Home Country and in Foreign Countries:

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UKF (Ltd.) was founded 1932 in Berlin and produced the cageless High-Precision Angular Contact double row Ball Bearings (Series K, UK, UL, UM) as per DIN 628 T5. Later followed multi-row Bearing Cartridges, High Precision spindle Bearings Series 70, 719 (718 on request), Ball Screw Support Bearings like ZKLN, Bearing Cartridges. The war and its aftermath interrupted temporarily a steady and very promising development of our organization as well as its intimate and friendly relationship to leading manufacturers and engineers.

Since the 1960’s complete Spindle Units for Turning, Milling, Grinding were started to design and to produce. UKF bearings and spindles are used in very different applications like fine turning and fine boring, copy-milling, inside and outside grinding, surface grinding to a surface finish of Rt < 0,5µm, as hollow spindles for the work piece mounting as well as for special applications (optics, measuring and others).

The Bearings and the Spindles are presented in catalogues; Spindles more often are requested to individual parameters of the customer: so we make an individual design study for our offer. This includes clarifications also with our suppliers, e.g. about the Spindle Motor. The design and the bearing systems of the Spindles are shown in the drawings of the individual series of types.

Upon the basis of the intended application, UKF revises the requirements, e. g. with regard to the machining load, speeds, etc., and - if necessary - designs a special spindle/bearing system. The specific application determines the selection of the tool and accordingly the design of the spindle with standardized attachment parts, such as spindle heads, tapered seats, grinding wheel flanges, pulley seats, etc. For the practical use, UKF is also prepared to make spare deliveries, reconditioning and to revise the design of spindles.

Our company and supplying companies for outsourced jobs count approx. fifty people working for the regular production. For higher number of parts e.g. for a quantity of spindles we cooperate with further suppliers to use further capacities. Long-range orders e.g. for a years time are divided in part-deliveries.

A new Spindle Design until delivery needs about 12-16 weeks, depending also of available parts by suppliers. Quality Control during production is done at various points. After assembling each UKF Spindle Bearing is measured and classified in its Precision Class. UKF precision class “HQ” up to running precision ABEC 9 and even better.

UKF Spindles get tested according parameters demanded and really achieved. We are registered and we handle our Audits.


Here are a few employment offers from the Universal- Kugellager- Fabrik (UKF) Ltd. Berlin listed below. Everyone is right for the job at UKF!

With currently three trainees, we are prepared for future growth.