Bearings Cartridges for Spindle Bearings

Bearing Cartridges for Spindle Bearings contain appropriate spacer rings, labyrinth ring seals, and cover plates, all factory assembled. Mounting flange provides simple mounting using metric cap screws into threaded holes.

Multiple row Spindle Bearings, preloaded with seals in flanged sleeve, ready for installation.

  • Various Bearing Sets (DB-/TBT-/QBC-configuration)
  • Type Series LKS.., PLKS.., PLKHS..
  • Further options possible

Design Examples

containing Sets of Spindle Bearings, preloaded, sealed with flanged sleeve or with shoulder

2 x 2 back-to-back (2DB)

2 : 1 back-to-back (TBT)

1 : 1 back-to-back (DB), 2 : 2 back-to-back (QBC)