High Precision Spindle Bearings with Spacer Ball

like Bearings of Type series 70, 72, and 73 (double row). Long lifetime through high precision bearings. This configuration provides a slight self-aligning preload; consequently, the balls remain under equal preload. These Bearings carry both radial and axial loads and provide spherical contact of the balls (DF).

  • Contact angle 16º, form factor to DIN 628 Part 5
  • Precision P5...P4...P2...HQ
  • double row with rolling ball guidance (Spacer Balls)

Type series K (manufacturer's standard) & UK (dimensional series 20)
Type series UL (like Bearings of Series 72) and UM (like Bearings of Series 73)


UKF Spindle Bearings with Spacer Ball (rolling ball guidance)

Type series K and UK

Type series UL and UM