Spindle Bearings for axially expanding shafts

  • UKF Floating Bearings „AF. . .” (Axial Floating) with Ceramic Ball (Hybrid Bearings)
  • Type series 70 AFSC single row, 70 AFDC double row

one-piece inner and outer rings, cylindrical bearing races on the inner ring CRONIDEX - Floating Bearing with integrated Axial Displacement.

The axial displacement permitted by floating design poses special design considerations. Special attention must be given to the overall design in order to maximize the performance of the floating bearing. Particulary advantageous is the application of a double row bearing, consisting of an outer assembly from an UKF USO bearing. The unitized assembly provides superior support, rigidity, and sliding characteristice.

Therefore, a double-row bearing with a cylindrical inner sleeve was designed . The axial compensation is accomplished entirely within the bearing itself, by allowing the Inner Ring to slide relative to the outer assembly. The seat in the housing remains unchanged. The bearings can be produced with ceramic balls for high speeds; for longer lifetimes with CRONIDEX -steel inner rings, combined with stabile support of the shaft (two raceways and a one-part Outer Ring resist tilting). A conical bore provides a simple built-in adjustment; simply push onto the shaft until seat is tight, and free to play.

Floating Bearing AFSC single row

Floating Bearing AFDC double row

Design example: UKF Floating Bearing - Type series AFDC