Special Spindle Bearings

Apart from the standard bearing series 718, 719, 70, 72, 73 we offer also bearings according to customers requirements. Special dimensions on the inner- and outer ring can even be manufactured in larger sizes up to a maximum outer diameter of 380 mm. The UKF range of products enables us to offer a variety of modifications like bearings with a flange or collar, with grooves, holes and millings.

Bearings with a coated surface

UKF Spindle Bearings can be made with a coated surface, for maintenance-free applications and extrem conditions, e. g., vacuums and space.

Slim-line Spindle Bearings

One and double row Slim-line Spindle Bearings with solid cage for very constrained spaces, e. g., d=62, D=74, form USO.

Special Design with springs in the outer ring

Within the dimensions of an USO-Type Bearing (i. e., a pair of Single Row Bearings) a special construction is available to place the bearing under an elastic preload using compression springs. Forces and numbers of springs are in accordance with the requirements.

Special Design with line contact of the balls

Special designed bearings with modified grooves, contoured to provide line contact, attain significantly higher load capacity. This effectuate a lower speed level. An example are bearings used for smoothly adjusting transmission assemblies, even under higher working forces.

Solid Cages of brass or special plastic material

In lieu of the standard, fibre cage, solid cages (of brass or special plastic material) with dry-running capability for emergency cases are available. Of special interest are cages of Polyetherketon (PEEK), a thermoplastic reinforced by carbon fibre, and noted for high wear and temperature resistance, comined with good sliding properties.