UKF-Steep Taper with Frontside Support

At Spindles running with higher speedthe steep taper holder will expand and the tool shank will be drawn deeper into the steep taper:

  • Stiffness and especially manufacturing precision are reduced
  • After working operation the tool shank is fixed being shrinked in the steep taper

UKF uses Spacer Disks between the face of the taper and tool shank collar, its dimentions adapted.

Dual support at taper and front side achieved!

No rebuild of the Spindle, normal Tool Shanks (without Spacer Disk) usable.

UKF-Divided Spindle Shaft

Tool holder may wear out more quickly in the clamping section for ex. by dirt, collision, tool breaking or just a crash whilst operating:

  • Manufacturing precision reduced, measure values missed
  • Machine breakdowns

UKF offers the Divided Spindle Shaft to reduce such expenses and losses. The Spindle Shaft must not be taken out,

just the HSK tool holding part can be taken off and replaced.

The connection Shaft-HSK Tool Holder is done with clamping screws by friction. To meet higher torque the HSK Tool Holder has Key blocks entering into cut grooves at the tool holders front side. For Tool Holders particular wear a "divided" Spindle Shaft is a useful alternative.

UKF-Spindle Units with Electromechanical actuators

Energy savings combined with process reliability, this is what the electromechanical actuator from the company HAINBUCH stands for. UKF offers now the integration of this actuator in their spindle units. By dispensing with machine hydraulics, not only energy costs are reduced, the timeintensive and non-enviromental friendly oil change, as well as heat and noise development, are eliminated. The integrated clamping force measuring function ensures precise clamping processes, and for thin-walled and fragile components, in particular, it reduces deformation. Thanks to the axis-like actuation of the different stroke lenghts, only the necessary opening and clamping stroke must be transferred - this saves a lot of time.

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Saves resources

  • No hydraulics, thus, it saves energy and is environmentallyfriendly
  • Energy is utilized only for clamping force adjustment
  • Sensitive clamping force adjustment
  • Precise positioning; fast actuation of different stroke lenghs
  • Large clamping force range [also suitable for low actuation forces]