High Frequency Spindle Units for Turning

Type Series DHF

  • Type Series DHF with Asynchronous Drives
  • Type Series DHF-PE with Synchronous Drives
  • with Angular Contact Spindle Bearings
  • with High Speed Bearings

State-of-the-art Precision Radial and Axial runout:

  • = 3,0 µm ØA...300,
  • = 4,0 µm ØA...375.

Balance Class (Standard) G 2,0 acc. DIN ISO 1940. Sealing (Standard) by ample 2- or 3-channel Labyrinth rings, drainage ports. Lubrication (Standard) Lifetime, using special grease. High rigidity from heavy duty QBC-bearing arrangement, specifications per Spindle Type on Request. Spindle Nose IAW DIN 55026 Size A4...A8 (A12 per agreem.)

Sleeve Ø: D = 190...375 mm - others per agreem.

Power: (S1) 7,5 kW... (S6) 50 kW
Torque (M) 20 Nm ...450 Nm
Speed (nmax) up to 12.000 min-1

Type A and B