Machining Spindle with Gear Box

Utility Model Admiss. Nr. 20 2009 002 009.6

Motorized Spindles with integrated 2-step gearbox Series RT-500, RT-690, RT-800, RT-1200 and RT-1600. Contemporary, high-precision milling spindles must be capable of delivering high-speeds and sustaining high cutting forces, preferably in a unitized and compact formfactor.

UKF Spindle Bearings are ideally adaptable to such wide operating conditions because they are already available with dynamically variable pre-load. As a further adaptation, UKF motorized spindles can now also be provided with a integrated, hydraulically actuated, 2-step gearbox that provides outputs of 1:1, respectively, 5:1 reduction-yielding torques to 1200 ft.-lb (1600 Nm).

With just a single spindle, cutting tools and cutting loads can be optimized over the widest possible range, whether for high-speed or high torque. The compact RT-design features a maximum diameter of just 280 mm. The short Type RT-690 is particularly suitable for installation in gimbal-head, 5-axis machine tool designs.

In addition to being compact, the Tape RT Spindles are available with a wide range of automatic tool change options, including: HSK 32 to 100, SK 25 to 50, as well as special configurations upon request.

Together with our customers, UKF will provide complete layout and design - leading to optimized, seamless installations based on a variety of reliable components:

  • Asynchronous and Synchronous Motors
  • Coolant delivery through motor and spindle
  • Manual or hydraulic tool clamping with HSK and SK spindle noses
  • UKF Spindles are designed and build for application-specific requirements, including with variable bearing preload

These advanced features open new opportunities in the manufacture of titanium and other high load milling and profiling applications.